1. wonderful-strange:

    Madhouse #96, 1974. Cover art by Gray Morrow.

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  2. printx3:

    Artist: CF
    Title: LOW TIDE #6 - 2003
    Medium: 5/1 - color silk screen cover, photo copy interior
    Size: 5.5” x 7.25”
    Pages: 60
    Edition: ?
    Publisher: -
    Printer: -
    Printed In: Providence, RI (?)

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  3. Brecht Evens

  4. Brecht Evens

  5. Man I hope Earthling sells well enough that we get to see Aisha Franz’s comic about a dog who is a secret agent translated to English

  6. espantajerias:

    Christophe Blain.

  7. nightofthecomics:

    Christophe Blain

    Dungeon Early Years: Innocence Lost

  8. Christophe Blain’s Guy Peelaert homage.

    Christophe Blain, Osamu Tezuka, and Jaime Hernandez have been the three cartoonists whose older work I’ve been most into this year, the ones who I’ve been reading alongside all the new stuff that’s coming out and feeling on a very visceral level.

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  9. thebristolboard:

    Original page by Jaime Hernandez from Mister X #2, published by Vortex, August 1984.

  10. thebristolboard:

    Artwork by Jaime Hernandez, from Love & Rockets vol. 1 #30, published by Fantagraphics Books, Inc.