1. SPX post-show talk

    Let me begin to apologizing to all the people whose work I would’ve liked that I just straight-up did not get a chance to see. The room was packed with bodies and every time a crowd would part I would find myself making eye contact with someone whose work didn’t speak to me at all. I think I just kept on shutting down, or my exploratory device is bad, or faulty. I was really happy to find Eleanor Davis’ table and buy a few minicomics, and I bought a minicomic from Julia Gfrorer. I didn’t have very much money to spend, and spent most of it on known quantities, essentially accidentally. I do tend to find books more satisfying than minicomics, as a general rule. Also, my local comic book store is Atomic Books, which, while they do miss a lot of stuff, also are really good about getting a lot of things. My pick for “best book of the show” is something I wrote a long review of that I think will end up elsewhere, closer to the time of the book’s actual release. I didn’t vote in the Ignatzes because it felt like I hadn’t seen enough of the work in question and then the things that won weren’t my sort of thing and I remembered about how the voter apathy of young people is destroying America. I got a ride there and then left before the big party. Thank you to Bill Kartalopolous for doing an amazing job at programming.

    It’s really incredible at SPX to see people like Roger Langridge, who I wish I could’ve said “Hey, it’s really cool you’re here.” I think he makes it a point to attend and sell his comics and sketches. It’s really cool to see anyone who’s been attending since the 1990s, after there’s been so many shifts in the comics landscape. 

    This is pretty much a completely unrelated thought, but I hope that the mainstream comics people whose work I like (Bill Sienkiewicz, Geof Darrow, pretty much whoever can draw) have good comic book stores that sell more than just mainstream stuff. Like I hope someone has handed Bill Sienkiewicz a copy of Powr Mastrs, or shown Kevin Nowlan The Man Who Grew His Beard. I know that the Hernandez Bros are always getting Spider-Man comics pushed on them. Comics are incredibly balkanized and I don’t expect people in their mid-forties or older to be on Tumblr or at small press shows. (Although, shout-out to Matt Groening.)

    I didn’t get to talk to Brandon Graham at all but I hope he got to talk to Carla Speed McNeil for the Inkstuds podcast thing. I didn’t get to talk to Renee French or Lynda Barry but I hope they got out of the show whatever it is they wanted. I didn’t get Aisha Franz to do a doodle in my copy of Earthling but, spoiler, that’s the book I was talking about earlier as being the book of the show that I’m writing a long review of. I didn’t get to find the Colombian comics table but I guess I hope that I wouldn’t have liked those comics anyway. I didn’t get to dig in Frank Santoro’s longbox as much as I wanted but I’m glad I got to tell him that I support his decision to not read writing about comics by people who don’t make comics. I didn’t feel like I had the money to throw down for most people’s shit but I hope everyone made mad bank. I didn’t get to wear a t-shirt that said “Ask me about the importance of protecting Lil B #taskforce” but I wished I had thought of that ahead of time. I only told two people that the reason I was sneezing was because I was allergic to nerds but I wish I could’ve said it to everyone. I hope no one got sick.

  2. jordanspeerart:

    "tribulator stalking some idiot pilgrims, 1621"

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  3. This book, which I haven’t read, is getting reissued by NYRB Classics next year. Maybe most known to a certain stripe of comics people as the publishers of Tove Jansson’s prose fiction for adults like The Summer Book, NYRB Classics are also putting out a novel written by Astrid Lindgren in 2015, who wrote the Pippi Longstocking comics D+Q is currently putting out. They also publish the crime novels of Jean-Patrick Manchette, the writer of some of the Jacques Tardi comics Fantagraphics has been putting out who translated Watchmen into French. I love NYRB Classics.

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  4. SPX

    I’ll be at SPX tomorrow. If you see me, say hello. If you can afford to give out review copies of your comic, please give one to me. I would post a photo of myself but I look like nerd garbage and I can’t look at a photo of myself without thinking “I fucking hate that asshole” so you will just have to imagine that I look like literally every other vaguely jewish male with glasses in his late twenties at SPX. So you can actually go ahead and giver anyone you see a book and say “hey, great job reviewing” and it’ll be fine.

    Also if I talk to you for like more than two minutes I might give you some “two raw for the internet” shit-talking

    Alternately you could go to the panel I’m moderating with the Closed Caption Comics dudes and see what I look and sound like if you wanted to increase your odds of accuracy.

    Hm, let’s list all the books I want and won’t be able to afford! This also serves as a “shopping list” or handy guide for whoever

    Will the Sonatina people be there? I would want to look over Alex Degen’s Junior Detective Files and any of Sarah Ferrick’s comics

    Renee French’s new book, Baby Bjornstrand, and her last book where the title was something about a goat

    I have Studygroup 3D preordered in the mail to come to me

    The same is true of the Kerascoet book Beauty from NBM. I want to look at the new edition of Miss Don’t Touch Me also

    Jules Feiffer’s Kill My Mother seems like a good way to get his handshake and signature which would mean a lot but that book costs like $30

    The Fremok table will have a ton have expensive stuff I bet

    Sam Alden’s issue of Frontier from Youth In Decline

    Mickey Z’s Rav collection

    I wish Lale had a new issue of Hot Dog Beach out from Space Face but I guess that hasn’t happened yet

    I wish Anya’s comic from Secret Prison was out but I want to see Sarah Horrocks’ Bruise anyway

    I wonder if Fantagraphics will have copies of Dash Shaw’s Doctors, or Olivier Schrauwen’s Arsene Schrauwen, or Richard Sala’s In A Glass Grotesquely

    I know they’ll have copies of Simon Hansellman’s Megahex

    Aisha Franz’s Earthling will be out from D+Q and I might want to get her to sketch in it, she’s been in Baltimore the past month and I have had a couple conversations and will want to remember that that happened

    I will want to tell Lynda Barry that we went to the same college and Cruddy is an awesome novel and I gave my mom a copy of What It Is for Christmas one year and she really liked it, probably the best way to do that would be to buy a copy of Syllabus, fuck, that’s another $30 book

    Deforge will have a new Lose that is supposedly awesome and probably some minicomics

    Patrick Kyle will have Distance Mover, maybe I can borrow a copy of that from Noel or someone, I haven’t read Black Mass yet. I was thinking about how it would be funny to say to him “I really liked that comic where the guy is looking at his watch, j/k, I didn’t understand it at all”

    I want to tell Eleanor Davis her book rules, I regret I didn’t write a more deliberate review of it and pitch it to Bookslut, sort of blew all my ideas on a reblog of her promoting it

    I want to tell Brandon Graham I wrote that Comics Journal review of Multiple Warheads but maybe it would be fucked up to ask for a sketch after that? Going to buy his sketchbook from the CBLDF anyway

    and also try to see his panel where he interviews Patrick and Michael and Simon

    and also try to see Bill K’s Jules Feiffer interview

    if Bill has any European comics for sale (like Pushwagner’s Soft City) I will lose my mind- Totally regret not buying that collection of Blutch’s Mitchum at the Brooklyn fest a few years back

    If you are viewing this post as a shopping list, remember to pick up a copy of Conor Stechschulte’s The Dormitory, and look at what Noel and Molly have for sale

    I want to look at all of Ryan Cecil Smith’s stuff

    Might want to look at Blaise Larmee’s Comets Comets and the 2D Cloud table

    I want to look closely at anything my instincts might be initially dismissive of, i.e. people like Nick Mandaag’s stuff

    I want to look at the Copra collection 

    oh yeah definitely cannot afford that Little Nemo book but I would like to see certain people’s pages

    R Sikoryak did an adaptation of Marquis De Sade’s Justine in the style of the William Moulton Marston/H.G. Peter Wonder Woman stuff as a minicomic

    Derf’s True Stories

    want to track down the people who did comics for the Comics Workbook layout contest I liked


  5. If you’re going to SPX this weekend, you should know going in that Jules Feiffer is one of the guests of honor. If you don’t know who Jules Feiffer is, or are only vaguely aware of his body of work, one thing you could do in the time between now and then is watch the movie Little Murders, directed by Alan Arkin, starring Elliott Gould. Feiffer wrote the screenplay, adapting a play. Watching it, you can see a lot of the comedy that follows it being invented. You can also, if you are anything like me, see yourself reflected unsparingly, and then feel yourself being ripped into bits.

    I looked at Feiffer’s book, The Great Comic Book Heroes, when I went to my grandmother’s house, all the time, when I was a kid. Included in that, alongside all these superhero comics from the thirties and forties, is this one cover of a comic Jules Feiffer drew as a kid.

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    Taiyo Matsumoto

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    Ooya chiki


  8. spx:

    Here’s a First Look at Renee French’s SPX 2014 Program Cover Art

    The reigning queen of the cuddly, yet sinister, side-eye!

    A special guest of SPX this year, renee-french has been making comics that revel in the killer side of cute and the horrors that lie within and without since the early 90s. 

    Renee is set to debut her latest book at SPX 2014, Baby Bjornstrand, from koyamapress which details the misadventures Mickey, Marcel and Cyril with an undeniably adorable, and mysteriously menacing monster.

    I love you Renee French

  9. floristree:

    Creep Highway (garage rock as played by two successful cartoonists)

    Strange Times People Band (loose-limbed free funk, covered in sweat)

    Alan Resnick (videomaker and comedian, covered in CGI slime)

    Oh Hang (former members of Thank You play two-piece minimal rock, very well kept and precise)

    Alex Body (Iowa City depressive synth pop)

    Friday Sept. 12th 9PM



    send a message if you can’t figure out the address

    poster by Molly Colleen O’Connell and Noel Freibert

    I helped set up this show

  10. Very proud to announce I will moderating a panel at SPX this year, speaking with the cartoonists Molly O’Connell, Noel Freibert, Conor Stechschulte, and Ryan Cecil Smith.

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