1. Solicited to come out in September, from Dark Horse. These comics are great.

    I encountered Peter Milligan’s authorial voice in high school, through his X-Force comics with Mike Allred, and backtracked to his Vertigo work- Enigma, The Extremist, The Eaters, Face- and I pretty much devoured it, when he’d work in this sort of existentialist black comedy mode. His narrative styling is maybe best described as insouciant, and there is this cavalier approach to scripting and jokes that- while it’s fully capable of delivering “graphic novels,” works as thought-through and fully-realized as Enigma is, still seems really open to collaboration with cartoonists whose approach is a bit more free. This quality is I think what led to him never really gaining the sort of cult of personality that other writers associated with Vertigo have. 

    I came to Brendan McCarthy in college- had to be a legal adult with a debit card in order to track down the stuff, although I’d seen his Shade covers and an ad for Rogan Gosh before then- and his approach fit in real well with all the Kramers Ergot/Picturebox stuff that was at that time being revealed as the place where all the action was. The first issue of Comics Comics had a Frank Santoro review of McCarthy’s art book, Swimini Purpose, where he wished for a collection of this stuff. That was nine years ago, I think, and now maybe McCarthy’s stuff has been absorbed into the world- I saw a Freakwave page on the Tumblr of a girl I jokingly call a seapunk not too long ago- but I think there are enough different approaches here, to the idea of comics as visual art, as well as the literary comics model (I am assuming this book will include the story from A1 that is black and white, all collage) that it still has some lessons left to teach.

    -Brian Nicholson

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    FINALLY, rogan gosh is coming back into print and everyone should read that shit this is important comics, people
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    Solicited to come out in September, from Dark Horse. These comics are great. I encountered Peter Milligan’s authorial...
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    Oh my fucking god, it’s perfect.