1. "Comics" is a good word for comics

    That people think that “comics” isn’t the best word for the medium of sequential art because it implies that they have to be humorous is stupid. Humorlessness is not a condition to aspire to. I don’t mean this in some sort of anti-intellectual way that tries to limit what comics are because of a limited idea of what’s funny. Comedy is inevitable. Humor is a thing that happens as a result of tension between expectations, perceptions, reality, chaos. Let comics be the medium that occupies that sacred space. I can think of no great comics that aren’t somewhat humorous, even the ones from a time so distant to us that the humor has aged in such a way as to no longer be funny. Drawings are funny. Putting images in sequence, the way in which one thing changes into another, is funny. It’s just life. Comics is a good word for capturing this essence.

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