1. Richard Sala’s new serial, Super Enigmatix, is rad. I think of Sala the same way I think of Paul Grist or someone- Someone who’s really talented, whose drawings are consistently attractive, but whose work is so based in genre, and they’re prolific enough for there to be a lot of it, that I in no way feel like I need to read to all of it, and have at various points felt like I didn’t need any more of it, but have then continued to pick it up when I see it on sale. Anyway, you can read his new comic for free, and that’s perfect. The serial form, where the complicated plot is broken up into chunks so it’s just this river of set pieces, is ideal, even, because it makes his work seem dumber in a way that lends a particular purity.

    There was an interview with Carlos Gonzalez at The Comics Journal website yesterday, and Carlos and Richard feel like really similar artists to me. Carlos makes music and has done confrontational performance art, and Richard is older and has been a professional cartoonist for some time, the sort of dude who has gotten illustration jobs for the New York Times stuff but both have the same sort of relationship to the fun texture of mystery and horror. Sala is slicker but twenty years ago, his work was impressionistic and and inconsistent. I can imagine Carlos watching “Invisible Hands” on MTV as a kid and being stoked.

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    Richard Sala’s new serial, Super Enigmatix, is rad. I think of Sala the same way I think of Paul Grist or someone-...
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